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Powis Maternity Session | Towson, Maryland {Baltimore Maternity Photographer}
"Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen."            ~E. B. White

There is nothing sweeter than capturing a couple at this incredible time of their marriage.  I was truly honored to shoot Palmer and Hannah Powis' maternity session a couple of weekends ago.  Their anticipation, wonderment and love for one another and this child was evident during this session.  They are high school sweethearts that met and got married in Utah.  They moved here to Baltimore for Palmer to play baseball.  Their baby girl has no idea how blessed she will be with these two as parents.  Palmer and Hannah I only spent a little over an hour with you but it was such a gift.  Thank you for trusting me to capture you as you become a family of 3.

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Youngblood Family Session | Baltimore, Maryland {Baltimore Family Photographer}
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I look forward to capturing this family each year.  I'll never forget the first time I met Jennifer at the pool with her two young girls.  We were both in the baby pool with our kids and she mentioned that she would often see me come into the pool with our four boys and thought I had it all together.  I laughed and reassured her that was not the case!  We have gotten to know one another better over the years as our older kids have been in school together.   

I love that the Youngblood's value these family images and put a lot of preparation into our session.  Jen and I sat poolside over the summer and brainstormed locations, outfits and ways to make the session fun for the girls.  Jason even stopped me one day in the gym to discuss locations.  We have been working together for the past few years so they know what to expect and trust that I will capture timeless images of their family.  

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LaGreca Family Session | Towson, Maryland {Baltimore Family Photographer}

The LaGreca family is so special to me for so many reasons.  They have been a part of our small group for over 10 years so we have experienced a lot of life together.  We have rejoiced, mourned, encouraged and spurred one another on over the years.  They also were the first family I captured with my camera (other than my own).  Jen believed in me way back when this business was a dream that I had yet to fully form in my mind.  Back when I knew little about the golden hour, prime lenses and f stops.  I love photographing them each year not only because I hope to capture lasting memories for them but it is also a visual reminder to me of how far I have come as a photographer.  These past few years I have worked hard to hone this craft and build my business into something that will best represent my "why" for taking pictures.  I want to help women capture those glimpses of what motherhood and marriage feel like...because if we're honest it isn't always pretty but deep down we know we love our husband and kids with a  passion beyond description and we all long to see glimpses of that in our photos.  

LaGreca's thank you so much for believing in me, and encouraging me.  I will be forever grateful!

Kelleher Family Session | Towson, Maryland {Baltimore Family and Child Photographer}
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Authentic interactions and genuine expressions made this a fun fall session for everyone involved.  This past spring I donated a mini session to my son's school auction and Jenn, the Education Director at the school won the session.  Chris, Jenn, Landon and Parks thank you for coming to play...you all were a blast to photograph!

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Abram's Milestone Session | Western Maryland {Maryland Milestone Photographer}
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Someone is just a little excited to celebrate his First Birthday this weekend!  Milestone Sessions are a great way to capture your little one at a specific stage.  We all know they change so quickly in those first few years.  I like to allow the child time to explore and play for these sessions.  This ensures that the images we capture are true to who they are at that specific slice in time.  Abram was fun and very expressive as we played together.  His mother Kasandra, did a phenomenal job of choosing their outfits.  They brought out the rich warm tones of fall.   She also brought this chair along that she was photographed in as a young child.  This session was a gift from his grandparents.  Enjoy this collection of images from my session with Abram and Kasandra.

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Olivia's Senior Session | North Carroll High School {Baltimore Senior Photographer}
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The last time I saw Olivia was over 10 years ago when her brother and my oldest son played baseball together.  Her dad was the coach.  Olivia's mom, Dina has been following my photography journey over the last 10 years and contacted me to capture her senior pictures.  Olivia is a senior at North Carroll High School.  She is interested in studying Biology in college with a desire to go to PA School.  We met on a beautiful evening last weekend just as the sun was setting to capture these images.  

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Frain 50th Anniversary Session | Towson, Maryland {Baltimore Milestone Photographer}
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“Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” ~ Jennifer Smith

50 years of marriage is an incredible milestone to celebrate these days.  It is so important to take time to preserve these moments.  I know these images will be a treasure for the Frain family, and they will also serve as an heirloom for generations to come.   I met them on the sidelines of baseball and soccer games.  They were diligent about watching their grandchildren's sporting events. 

We had the pleasure of home schooling and coaching sports with the Frain's son and daughter-in-law, John and Dana.  Our boys are similar ages and were often on the same teams.  John and Dana are the type of friends you want in your corner.  They are always there to lend a helping hand.  Dana is a giver...she has often surprised our boys with birthday gifts, or dropped off cards and balloons when we had yet another injury.  And recently, she not only offered to take one of my kids while we ran another one to the hospital, but packed a bag with snacks, books and toys for the trip. 

Lelah is such a fun aunt (as you will see from the pictures in this session). She also has the cutest dog!  We were all bummed she didn't bring her for the session. Frains, thank you for allowing me to capture your family!

Kammar Family | Historic Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland
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The Kammar family fully embraced the gray skies over the city the morning of our session!  I love when you get to know a family well enough that they come ready to have fun.  They came walking toward my car that morning with all sorts of sports equipment.  The Kammar's have  trusted me to capture their family the past three years.  Helen is the owner of Thomas and Kammar, so she knows how much loyalty means to a small business owner!  We met early one morning in Historic Fells Point and walked along the Baltimore Waterfront Promenade.  Our session ended at the City Pier with a view of the Under Armour Headquarters...a spot on the boys list of pictures to capture!

Hewitt Extended Family Session | River Valley Ranch
Hewitt Extended Family Session-8094.jpg
"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything." Aaron Siskind

This session was one for the books.  I absolutely love when people give a session as a gift to a loved one.  I have known Jon and Courtney Bisset for many years and was excited to have the opportunity to capture her extended family, the Hewitt's.  Courtney and her siblings, Lindsey and Greg wanted a unique gift for their mom, Heidi.  Jon is the Executive Director of River Valley Ranch so we met on a quiet Sunday and utilized the amazing property as a backdrop for the session.  The Ranch is a special place for the Hewitt family.  Years ago they created a beautiful memorial to their late husband/father/grandfather near the quiet stream in the center of the ranch.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to see this space.

Baby Carlisle | Delaware {Maryland Newborn Photographer}
Hollins Newborn Session-7153.jpg
" Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love."   1 Corinthians 16:13, 14

This past Saturday, Evan and Patricia Hollins invited me into their home to capture their sweet baby, Carlisle.  Walking into his nursery that day, I was immediately struck by his parents love and care as they prepared for his arrival.  Evan spent many hours crafting the crib for the nursery.  It is absolutely beautiful! The scripture from 1 Corinthians is above his changing table... a visual reminder of what is truly important as they raise Carlisle in the way he should go.    I truly consider it a blessing to be a part of this process.  Enjoy meeting baby Carlisle...

Evan and Patricia thank you so much for inviting me to capture such a special milestone! 

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